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1950s bedroom vanity nightstands, bedroom, bedside tables -

So it happens from time to time that we, Dirk and I, become 'furniture rescuers'. Here you can see our latest rescue mission: a wonderful 3-piece bedroom vanity set from the 1950s that was about to be shredded. Isn't it just gorgeous!? We're excited to see where it will soon find its new forever-home!

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Memphis design, Memphis design lamps and lighting, Memphis style, yellow red blue green -

Nowadays, we perceive it as a loud, colorful style with rough edges, which quite deliberately sets itself apart from the clean, Scandinavian interior design style or the Midcentury modern design that prevailed for a long time.

We have put together for you a small, fine selection of lamps and lighting in Memphis style. Maybe your home could use a splash of color right now?

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In the 50s and 60s in southwestern Germany arose a large industry of many smaller but still well-known ceramic manufacturers such as Scheurich, Ruscha, Carstens or Bay Keramik. In the course of this trend, exiting colorful ceramic kitchen clocks were designed too, which then could not be missing in any kitchen until the late70s!

We have put together a fine selection of these vintage treasures for you, just take a look!

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Danish brass oil lamp, fall autumn decor, French vintage pieces, little things that make you happy, little vintage gems, seasons decoration, wicker basket, wooden mushrooms -

We have some really great vintage finds from this year staged in our collection MCM STYLE & ANTIQUE DECOR, which definitely have potential to become your next favorite decoration piece. Lovely French, German, Danish eye-candies... Just take a look!

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1960s 1970s stool, Boho Hippie home decor, bright orange 1970s design, entryway hallway, home style mix, kitchen chair, Midcentury Bathroom, plastic stool -

This explains the difference in size between Tim and Tom: Tim dates from the 1960s, while Tom was made in the 1970s, when the shortage of materials obviously became even more serious and a saving of 4 x 2cm per stool was already considerable.
But in any case, the two are an authentic conversation starter - even more so if you now know this story about it!

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