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Nowadays, they are an absolute eye-catcher in any home. They fit seamlessly into modern, eclectic interiors as well. Incredibly versatile, for example, as a keyholder in the hallway, as a bathroom cabinet, hanging above one's desk or of course in the kitchen as a small storage cabinet.

Dirk has just finished restoring a whole slew of these wonderful vintage gems. Be the first to discover them in our *NEW IN* collection. Make sure to check it out!

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Especially here in the kitchen, a mix of modern and vintage elements is particularly easy to implement. Even individual pieces of furniture and small decorative elements provide the very individual vintage touch and let your kitchen also become your favorite room.

We have compiled 9 perfect roommates for you that spice up any kitchen and let a bit of flair of the 'good old days' blow in.
Most of the objects can be found in our VINTAGE KITCHEN collection and also in WALL CLOCKS and VINTAGE TABLEWARE.

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