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We have the ultimate gift tip that will bring you many "Wow!" and shining eyes in return: one of our wonderful midcentury sewing boxes or sewing tables! They are so incredibly versatile, even if you have nothing to do with handicraft. Use this eye-candies, for example, as a jewelry box, as a side table or nightstand or simply to store odds and ends perfectly and neatly. Just about everyone has some stuff to stow, right?

Check out our really varied and lovingly curated collection and find your personal favorite!

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So it happens from time to time that we, Dirk and I, become 'furniture rescuers'. Here you can see our latest rescue mission: a wonderful 3-piece bedroom vanity set from the 1950s that was about to be shredded. Isn't it just gorgeous!? We're excited to see where it will soon find its new forever-home!

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For us, the last three weeks have been just dreamy: on the road in France with our camper with roof tent. So many wonderful places, great moments, new people, extraordinarily wonderful food.... and: our first flea market visit since 1,5 years of pandemic! We were over the moon...Some of you may have followed our story on Instagram? (If not: here you can see the best moments in our stories.)

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