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Which work of art manages to touch you, to trigger a feeling inside, to stimulate your mind or even to influence your actions? And so, in the end, it was much easier than we feared to choose a few paintings, drawings and prints on our forays for our little home gallery that we like, that "speak" to us, and we like to linger with our eyes and hearts on them. And the best news: you don't need millions to have your own art collection!
If you are also thinking about inviting a little art into your home, we may have one or two suggestions for you. Let us inspire you!

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This explains the difference in size between Tim and Tom: Tim dates from the 1960s, while Tom was made in the 1970s, when the shortage of materials obviously became even more serious and a saving of 4 x 2cm per stool was already considerable.
But in any case, the two are an authentic conversation starter - even more so if you now know this story about it!

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We immediately fell in love with these two pieces and had to save them from bulky waste death right away! They just give the perfect 1970s flair....

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