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Today, it's all about red! Yes, of course, at this time of year no wonder. At least for us here in European culture. Red is THE color for the Christmas season. It stands for love, warmth and the elemental fire par excellence. Santa also wears red, of course!🎅
Red is probably the most emotional of all colors and arouses strong feelings. In any case, one thing is certain and unites us all: all our blood.❤️

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New Year's Eve, red, shades of red, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! -

And whenever it comes to the turn of the year, we both see red. Do you know this Italian custom? Traditionally, Italians wear red underwear on New Year's Eve. Lingerie in the color red is simply obligatory for everyone. This is supposed to bring luck (especially love luck) in the new year.

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