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Take a seat and feel at home!Can a kitchen table be sexy? We think: yes, definitely! Ok, we are biased, admittedly. We like "old stuff" anyway. But when I look around at offered modern kitchen tables, I see either a lot of soulless "nice outside, but ugly inside" or clumsy copies of midcentury pieces.In this case, I prefer the originals, or what do you think?We do love those Formica surfaces that are pretty much immune to blueberry stains, hot pot bottoms, and kids' felt pen scrawls. They come in everything from small & square to rectangular & extendable. We also...

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1960s resopal kitchen table, 50s 60s kitchen wall cabinet, blue green turquoise, kitchen chair, kitchen cubby, kitchen table, mixed style home decor, new in, pastel colors, vintage kitchen -

Today we have such a wonderfully harmonious pair for you, where this decision has turned out conceivably close: a beautiful kitchen wall cupboard with green-blue sliding doors and (special feature!) 7 handled containers for baking ingredients, spices, or odds and ends plus a matching extendable kitchen table made of wood with inlaid Formica surface. Both were made in the 1950s and are still in great shape for their age! These two go so perfectly with the green upholstered bentwood kitchen chairs that — at least for the photo — they just belong together.

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