About us

What TRUE SUSTAINABILITY means for us:

VINTARAMA is a small family business located in Northern Germany. For us, sustainability begins in your own living room!

As a passionate archaeologist, Dirk brought his fondness for “treasure seeking and finding” into the relationship, and it didn't take long before he infected Katja with it. So both of us have been roaming around Europe's beautiful flea markets for many years as “hunter & gatherer”. However, we do not only feel joy in being surrounded with these vintage treasures, but we also like to share them. Therefore, we started with our shop in 2018 and share since that time our treasures with other lovers of midcentury design pieces from all over the world.

Before you can admire the vintage beauties here online, they receive many hours of loving care, attention, and professional restoration treatment in order to bring them back to their former glory. Every piece in our store is hand-picked! And it is always a happy and satisfying moment when one of our vintage beauties finds a loving new home!

For us, this also means, among other things, real sustainability: Decades old, high-quality furniture and decorative pieces do not have to end up in the garbage compactor. They possess charm, can tell a story and look forward to a second life.

We are sure here you will find your unique and very personal design piece that fits you and your living space very well. So, you're welcome to adopt a homeless vintage beauty here at VINTARAMA.com!

If there are any questions left, please feel free to ask - we are happy to help!

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