Tadaaa! Long awaited...

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Tadaaa! Long awaited...

...and finally here!

As you know (if you don't yet, feel free to check out our 'About us'!), we're a small 2-people family business. That means, we do literally everything ourselves. Of course, we have split the tasks (mostly) according to our preferences and talents. Luckily, that complements each other perfectly, so that the big picture then (most of the time😎) works well.
Dirk's focus is more on manual work like restoring and safely packing our goods. And I, Katja, am taking care of design, photography and media, which includes building, designing and continuously maintaining our beautiful VINTARAMA website. This is not witchery, but nevertheless for a non-IT person sometimes already a very big challenge. All the more reason to celebrate when a subproject can finally, finally be completed successfully.
Long story short: Tadaaa! I am very proud to announce that we now have a shipping calculator directly on every product page. With this feature, you can directly see the shipping options available for this product by entering the shipping destination and don't have to go through the whole checkout process first (like before). Just give it a try! (Upcoming more different options, but this still takes a bit time...)

Oh yeah - and in keeping with the beautiful blue summer sky, I'm having a 'blue phase' right now. Who else?😄

Have a wonderful weekend,
Katja & Dirk

As always, we welcome any question and feedback!
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