A few thoughts on Black Friday mania

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A few thoughts on Black Friday mania

...and a big THANK YOU!🧡

It's that time again. From every corner, the ads for Black-Friday are screaming at us. An immense pressure to make (presumably) bargains is being built up. Not only on consumers. On us online retailers, too, of course - whether we're selling crocheted hats, TVs or chocolate sweets. It seems almost impossible NOT to give in to this pressure. NOT to join in this huge wave that simply leads to the piling up of even more supposedly indispensable stuff and, of course, to the (cheapest) production of replacements for it. (Let's not even get started on sustainability in this context...)

But the question is: Who actually profits from this? Isn't it deeply dubious to sell products for 51 weeks of the year at a price that can then be easily reduced by an unbelievable 50, 60 or more percent for one week without ruining oneself economically?
Surely so-called small businesses (like us) can't afford to do that at all! Businesses that (like us) make their heart and soul and their passion their business model (and don't only let highly paid advertising agencies claim this about them in TV commercials!) Regardless of whether they offer products or services.

Let's be frank: We 'pay' for being allowed to do what we love every day, with financial insecurity, long work days, short weekends. Because behind every article, behind every offer is our face, our personal name. That's us. And we take responsibility for that with all the consequences. Cause we've decided that way by ourselves, that's for sure! So no whining at this point. Just a gentle invitation: Please take a close look at what is screaming at you. And please think carefully about whom you hand over your hard-earned money to in these difficult times worldwide. Who (or what) you do support with it or not.

Under each of our items it says "You are welcome to ask for upcoming discount sales" - and we really mean it! For some items we can't offer a discount, for many others we are happy to do so. Anytime. Not just one week of the year.

Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts to this point!
Thank you for your support over the 3 years that VINTARAMA has been here. And support does not only mean to buy something. We are very excited about the high rate of people who actually read our newsletter (always over 60%!😇). Thanks for the great feedback on our carefully curated collections. Thanks for every 'hello'! We truly appreciate it all!

Have a great weekend & don't get 'yelled at'😉 too much!
Katja & Dirk

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As always, we welcome any question and feedback!
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