You have to see them!

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You have to see them!

The perfect vintage roommates and conversation starter

There is actually no apartment, no house without them anymore. Even in the office or public interiors, they are an integral part of the decoration: our houseplants!🪴But has it always been like this?
Plant cultivation developed in the late 17th century. Now it was possible to breed plants that came to Europe by ship expeditions from the newly discovered continents. With the beginning of the bourgeois era at the end of the 18th century, but especially from the time of Biedermeier, flower tables became part of the salons. Nature now embellished living spaces. What began around 1800 as flower stands and 'jardinières' developed from the mid-19th century into representative round sofas, in the middle of which exotic-looking palm trees were often planted.

Then, after World War II, in the Bauhaus-influenced architecture of the 1950s, wide windows with deep window sills were popular for placing flower pots or even built-in troughs for planting. Especially here in Germany, plant stands began to be manufactured as singular pieces of furniture, which gave a proper boost to the general trend of "home improvement". There were a few larger furniture manufacturers such as Opal or Ilse Möbel that produced series. However, due to the general postwar lack of materials, most of these mostly colorful eye-catchers were still designed and produced in small joiner's workshops as custom pieces or mini-series.

We are so smitten with these wonderful midcentury gems! So we are always on the hunt for particularly beautiful specimens in good condition. Now we can proudly present a truly nice collection here on VINTARAMA. As a cherry on top we give on all plant stands 20% discount to our subscribers until Sunday!!! So be quick now, if you have had your eye on one of these vintage beauties for a while. Don't hesitate any longer! If and when we can restock them is always a matter of luck and not predictable.

Have a great weekend, maybe even in your private indoor jungle!😉
Katja & Dirk

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