With or without?

With or without?

No matter, as long it is multi-colored with lots of space!

I love houseplants. Any houseplants. Whether succulents, hanging plants or climbing monstera. No matter if huge or tiny. I'm also always happy to take in “nursing cases”. I found my green babies especially beautiful on the wide windowsill in our living room. BUT: every time it comes to cleaning, to move the 20 pots aside, was at some point too much for me. Dirk then had the wonderfully practical solution: a plant stand on wheels! Sometimes the simplest solutions are simply the best. Now all my darlings still get enough light in front of the window. But the cleaning can be done in record time.
Whether with or without wheels: Our colorful mid-century plant stands with several tiers are in any case real stunners and give your plants an amazing frame. Refurbished and in best vintage condition, ready to move in! And in case you choose a still wheel-less model, but like the idea of a movable plant stand, then that's no problem for Dirk! Just write a short message about it.

Enjoy your weekend!
Sunny regards,
Katja & Dirk

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