What do you think matters?

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What do you think matters?

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." (Henry David Thoreau)

Last summer, Dirk and me fulfilled a long-held and not-so-secret wish: We put together our own little gallery in our living room. And that was a lot of fun!

I used to be completely awestruck by the word 'gallery', since I grew up in (East)Berlin and often visited the various museums and galleries on the 'Museum Island'. I learned a lot about art and about myself in the process of perception. My tastes have changed over the years, of course. But what has stayed with me is the pleasure of looking, the pleasure of discovering and feeling art. Because ultimately it's all about emotions, isn't it? Which work of art manages to touch you, to trigger a feeling inside, to stimulate your mind or even to influence your actions? And so, in the end, it was much easier than we feared to choose a few paintings, drawings and prints on our forays for our little home gallery. Affordable pieces that we like, that "speak" to us, and we like to linger with our eyes and hearts on them. And the best news: you don't need millions to have your own art collection. Just start with it!
If you are also thinking about inviting a little art into your home, we may have one or two suggestions for you. Let us inspire you!

We wish you an art-filled and joyful weekend!
Please stay safe & well,
Katja & Dirk

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