It's time for the next confession😇

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It's time for the next confession😇

Welcome to the planet Vintarama!

It's time for the next confession, a new fun fact about us: We are big Star Wars fans! Yes, now it's been revealed... Hands up, who else!?
And so it's kind of obvious that we consider our little Vintarama universe as our own planet. So we and you, as our loyal fans & followers, are the Vintaramians together. Does that sound a bit crazy? Well, great! 😁

I've digressed a bit now - sorry for that. But let me quickly get to the topic at hand. I'm not telling the real Vintaramians anything new when I say we just LOVE vintage smoked glass. In every design and form of existence. And so we have some terrific new tables for you again. Take a quick look and feel free to use code SMOKY10 for 10% off on all smoked glass items now.

Have a great weekend! (For us in Northern Germany, the spring is unfortunately taking its time...😒)
Katja + Dirk

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