We just love Italian design! 🇮🇹

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We just love Italian design! 🇮🇹

Who else does?

What this bathroom cabinet has in common with a mountain pass in Switzerland other than the name (Splügen-Pass or Passo dello Spluga), we unfortunately do not know at all. In the 1950s, beautiful things were given the beautiful names of beautiful places. Vacation abroad, enjoying sun and a new attitude to life are reflected in the name, sunny pastel colors and a modern material of this wonderful Italian midcentury design creation from Turin.

In any case, we are fans of these wonderful vintage gems that are timelessly beautiful even after 60 years now! We are happy every time we can grab one of these rare pieces for our customers. Currently we can offer the *Spluga* even in six different colors. Be sure to check it out!

Happy colorful weekend from Germany,
Katja & Dirk

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