We are in desperate need ...

subscribers only, vacation discount -

We are in desperate need ...

...of a vacation!!

The last weeks, actually even the last months, were quite exhausting for us. Dirk - now we can let the cat out of the bag! - has studied a second time "on the side" and has now graduated with a bachelor's degree in law. Yeah!🎓🍾
And just as incidentally, we had to look for a new home at short notice, as our landlords had terminated our lease on our house. In Germany, the housing problem is anything but easy right now. But: we made it! Next Yeah!
In addition, we have found sooo many wonderful new vintage stuff for you, processed, refurbished, photographed and brought them into our store. Third yeah!☺️
As a small treat, we decided, we have to fly to the sun for two weeks. So there will be no newsletter from us until the end of May. But there is an extra vacation discount exclusively for our newsletter subscribers: 15% off with the code _________ (valid for all items that don't come with free shipping). All orders will be shipped from the 30th of May.

Thank you for your understanding & have (also) a wonderful time!
Take care & sunny regards,
Katja & Dirk

As always, we welcome questions and feedback!
Feel free to contact us anytime!

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