Want to be a winner?

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Want to be a winner?

Then join our CHARITY AUCTION for the children in Ukraine!

As in any war started by insane, power-hungry old men, it's the weakest, the children, who suffer the most! Like many people in the world, we are stunned by this misery and asked ourselves what can we do?

And here is what you can do, together with us: We're donating this eye-catching 1960s sunburst pattern side table including free shipping, and you can win it! All proceeds will go to UNICEF for the children directly affected by the barbaric war in Ukraine. So not only do you win, but these children win too!🙏
Our charity auction will run until Sunday, March 6, 8pm CET. The highest bidder will receive the table, the proceeds will be immediately donated to UNICEF.

How can you join the auction?
1. on Instagram:
Here you can place your bid directly. Just post it in the comments!

2. without Instagram:
Post a comment with your bid here below the post. Or write us an email, what amount you want to bid, and we make a corresponding comment to the post on Instagram for you.

On Sunday evening CET, we will know who won the auction and, most importantly, how much we can give directly to UNICEF.
So, what do you say, are you in?

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.(Link below the post here)

Thank you so much for your time & contribution!

Katja & Dirk

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