Useful, versatile - but also genuine? These 3 features make the difference!

Useful, versatile - but also genuine? These 3 features make the difference!

What is the German town Solingen famous for? Probably you are familiar with the name for quality scissors and knives. But there is a small but world-famous and indispensable accessory made out of high quality steel, which was invented in Solingen: a little self-unfolding pocket umbrella called 'Knirps' ('nipper'), which was a million seller until the brand‘s end in 1982. 

The manufacturer’s name sounds quite English: 'Bremshey', which was the owner’s family name that originated in the small German village Bremsheyde. And right, this name stands for a now indispensable piece of design history that conquered the world from Germany. Of course, I am talking about the fabulous folding trolley 'Dinett'. An almost indestructible bar or serving cart made of shiny chromed steel and…well what’s this material these trays are made of? Quite thin but seemingly bearing tons of stuff without breaking? In German, it’s called „Kunstharzpressholz“ (please read this now 3 times fast and loud!🤣). Some thin layers of wood being molded under high pressure with synthetic resin. Most Dinetts came with trays in brown faux-wood color with lovely wood grain. Much rarer are the ones in bright colors like eggyolk yellow, cherry red, bright orange or  green.

You won’t find the brand Bremshey on most of those carts, but how do you know it’s an original one? Even in the early years of production in the 1960s, these serving trolleys were very popular, which, of course, led to quite a few product imitations. Those vintage ones are not too bad as well.

So how do you identify a real Bremshey? Here are the features of an original: First, there’s a spring mechanism which holds the fold up cart together. Second: On most of the brown trays you can find their manufacturer’s brand 'Gerlinol'. Third and most characteristic feature: If you lift the closed, unfolded cart by one hand and shake it strongly, nothing on it would move, open or rattle but the spinning wheels.

Have you now become a fan of these incredibly useful and versatile midcentury design objects like us? Then pick your new vintage roommate here!

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Katja & Dirk

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