They are small and angular but never inconspicuous

50s 60s kitchen wall cabinet, kitchen cubby, pastel colors, sliding doors -

They are small and angular but never inconspicuous

Either we've started a trend or we've stumbled upon a trend. No matter! We're just completely in love with these kitchen wall cabinets, little space savers from the post-war era. As many of you obviously are, right?

Of course, the equipment of an average kitchen in the 50s, 60s is not at all comparable with our current level of quality and quantity. Grandma did not have 15 different coffee mugs, but only 4. Therefore, the kitchen furniture from that time is not designed for large quantities of supplies or dishes. There were simply not 4 types of flour there, for the delicious Sunday cake one type was enough!
That's what makes these small cabinets so endearing: we have to limit ourselves and think about what exactly we want to keep there. Or we decide from the start that we just love them for their look, for their eye catching colorful sliding doors, the little towel hooks or the great glass curtain rail. And for the touch of memory of grandma's kitchen, of our childhood.

You can find our selection of vintage kitchen cabinets here. We really would love to read what is your favorite one. Feel free to leave your comment below!

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