The second revolution of the 50s🔥

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The second revolution of the 50s🔥

Seriously? You don't know 'Acella'?

Actually, there is not only one 50s style, but two. The first half of the decade still remains completely in the preceding zeitgeist with heavy, mostly dark wooden furniture in various shades of brown. The kitchen is dominated by creamy white-beige. Even with fabric upholstery, the only choice is between rust brown or dark fir green. Brown, white, dark green - so until then, the rooms are dominated by the deepest winter forest.

Although the avant-garde Bauhaus designers had already provided ideas for more color much earlier, the real revolution only came with a material that stood for modernity like no other: plastic. Plastic brought spring and good cheer into the house. The old furniture was covered with colorful foils. The kitchen, tables, plant stands got surfaces of Formica ('Resopal' in Europe) in pastel shades.

And this is where a German invention from 1895 joined the game: Acella is the new wonder fabric of the time!
Surely everyone has seen it. Soft, flexible and washable, it can be used to cover chairs, linen chests and photo albums. It has even been used as curtain or as wall covering, replacing the old dusty wallpaper.

We are happy to have such an exceptional sewing box in our collection. Designed by the well-known furniture manufacturer 'Ilse Möbel', it is covered with Acella. Its pattern is simply magical, isn't it? Even if plastic is not the most popular material in home design nowadays, extraordinary vintage pieces like this can be a great eye-catcher and conversation starter. As always, it's all in the mix!

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source:, Jörg Bohn

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