The hunt is on!📯

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The hunt is on!📯

Perfect gift for every vintage lover

They are the best conversation starter: not too big but still an eye-catcher, in colorful designs, uniquely beautiful but still extremely practical. Aaaand: absolutely affordable!
We are of course talking about our Westgerman midcentury wall clocks. If you haven't yet taken a look at this great collection on VINTARAMA, it's time to do so!

Speaking of time... The end of the year is approaching in leaps and bounds. The hunt for the perfect gift is slowly getting underway again. So how about a vintage clock that matches the décor this year? And don't forget to gift yourself!😉

To make the choice a little easier, there is now a 10% discount for you with code: TICK10. (Valid until Monday, 24 October, also for clocks already discounted).
So take a look right now! All pieces are in stock only once.

Have a relaxed weekend,
Katja & Dirk

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