The eternal dilemma!🙄

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The eternal dilemma!🙄

Is it or is it not?

Some time ago we visited an elderly gentleman who wanted to downsize his household. We came across a few chairs, that immediately attracted our attention. Very quickly it was clear: they have to come with us!

And now the detective work begins: which designer was at work here? Or is it a copy? Or a nameless model series? At first, we thought it was the dining chair model '49' from Erik Buch (1923-1982), a furniture designer from Denmark. He was a true master of combining modernist form language of Art Déco reminding of technical details from aircraft layouts with smooth organic lines. The result is an inviting, warm and comfy style that Scandinavian people call „hygge“

Of course, there are the design classics whose names are on everyone's lips. But there are also the countless lesser-known furniture makers of the 20th century in Scandinavia who have created equally wonderful and timeless pieces of midcentury furniture. Of course, if you have a clear brand, stamp or mark, the exact attribution is simple. In the case of chair model '49' (as with many other objects of this period), however, the assignment is not so easy. The design was (and still is!) produced over decades in different furniture factories, so there is often no clear branding or only a sticker of the executing factory (if that is still preserved). Slight variations of the original design are possible too. To make matters worse, on the Internet, many "facts" are only copied from another site.

So after intensive research and extensive discussions, we came to the conclusion: We just love these chairs! Their timelessly wonderful design, sustainability and quality of manufacture make them lifelong companions that fit seamlessly into any home design. Whether vintage or modern. You can even adapt them to your personal interior style by changing the (original) seat fabric. And since we can't identify them beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're simply offering them to you at a good price. Interested? Then check them out here!

Enjoy a nice and comfy weekend!
Katja & Dirk

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