Tapas, barbecue or fondue?🌞

10% off, Tapas fondue barbecue plates -

Tapas, barbecue or fondue?🌞

These plates are gorgeous anyway

There's always something to celebrate, isn't there? We Germans are just starting the barbecue season again with great enthusiasm. Fire up the grill with friends in the evening or on the weekend and serve delicious salads, dips and sauces with it. What could be better than sitting outside together at this time of year? Of course, it's even more fun with the perfect vintage dishes.😎

Originally designed in the 1960s - 70s as plates for fondue, these are now just the perfect versatile companion for tapas, grilling stuff, snacks or veggies for dipping.
We just added a small, fine collection of French and German midcentury fondue plates for you. Aaaand with even 10% OFF on all pieces available in VINTAGE TABLEWARE up to Sunday. Code: TAPAS10
Come and have a look right now!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Katja & Dirk

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