Still a special light

Domus lamp 2416, midcentury lighting design -

Still a special light

With 'Domus' literally 'at home'

Today we would like to introduce you again a special vintage treasure: The teak pendant lamp 2416 by Domus from the end of the 1960s.

The company Domus, founded by lighting expert Henning Borm1966 in Westegermany, is since its beginning one of the pioneers in lighting design, quality and environmental protection. Thus, every single lamp is made by hand and ultimately undergoes a thorough quality control. Today renewable natural raw materials are used wherever possible. Domus dispenses with the use of varnishes in favor of vegetable oils and natural waxes. This preserves the open-pored beauty of the wood. Selected woods such as oak or walnut, exquisite fabrics and wool felt are combined with state-of-the-art lighting technology.

The Domus 2416 is a classic of midcentury lighting design and captivates with its timelessly beautiful form, the combination of fabric and teak, as well as the practical infinitely variable height adjustment via a counterweight. To the article description, we have also made a video for you, which makes the great functionality visible. So take a look right now! 💡

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