Ship Ship Hooray! ⚠️It's time to pay less

20% off, discount code, reduced shipping fees, shipping costs -

Ship Ship Hooray! ⚠️It's time to pay less

Significant reduction of several shipping rates

The last 2.5 years have been crazy and challenging all over the world. Somehow it has probably thrown everyone more or less off track, hardly anything has remained as it was.
Of course, we in our small family business have also felt it in many places. One crucial point for us as a small online retailer, shipping worldwide, was and is of course the shipping costs. Here, we depend at 100% on the rates that our shipping service providers set for us. And that has been a lively up and down (actually more up than down🙃) over the past 2 years. Corona surcharges, reduced freight capacity, energy crisis.... Shipping costs went through the roof in some cases, especially with regard to long haul, e.g. to Australia or Japan.

But - and now I come to the wonderful part of the story - there has actually been an easing of the tariffs through various internal measurements and external adjustments, which we would now like to pass on to you immediately! Especially for packages up to 10 kg, we were able to reduce the shipping costs by up to 40%!📯 Isn't that great!?

So if you've had a certain vintage treasure on your wish list for a while, but the shipping costs have kept you from adopting it so far - NOW IS THE MOMENT! Unfortunately, we don't know how long the shipping rates will stay like this. So do not hesitate too long and take the advantage!😉

In addition, we are offering you a fabulous 20% discount (subscribers only!) on a shopping cart of 100 EUR or more (=approx. USD 107) for one week with the code XXXXXX. So now there are no more excuses: On your marks, get set, go!

And please feel free to contact us (e.g. via the chat button on the website) if you have any questions about this or any other topic. We are happy to help!

Enjoy your weekend,
Katja & Dirk

As always, we welcome any question and feedback!
Feel free to contact us!

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