9 perfect roommates for your vintage kitchen🤩

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9 perfect roommates for your vintage kitchen🤩

We used to have a saying among our friends:

"The best parties start and end in the kitchen." Now we've somewhat outgrown the wild party time - but the kitchen is still our favorite place when it comes to socializing, communicating and enjoying food & drinks. In our kitchen, we discuss the past day, plan our vacations, have a quick coffee with the neighbors and, of course, cook together.
More and more people are feeling the same way: the kitchen is evolving from a workspace into a living space of equal value, often even as an open-plan kitchen living room. A quarter of all Germans already prefer this style.
This makes it all the more important, of course, to find one's own style of living in the kitchen as well. Especially here, a mix of modern and vintage elements is particularly easy to implement. Even individual pieces of furniture and small decorative elements provide the very individual vintage touch and let your kitchen also become your favorite room.

We have compiled 9 perfect vintage roommates for you that spice up any kitchen and let a bit of flair of the 'good old days' blow in.
Most of the objects can be found in our VINTAGE KITCHEN collection. Have a look at WALL CLOCKS and VINTAGE TABLEWARE too.🤗

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