Orangement overload!

bright orange 1970s design, orange -

Orangement overload!

Don't think any other color represents the 1970s as much as rich, bright orange, does it? I remember very well my much loved orange knit jumpsuit that I wore so many times in elementary school until it almost fell apart. It made me feel like a 'cover girl'.😊

We have been preparing a very special drop for you for a few days now: the 70s in bright orange! Several extraordinary orange treasures waiting eagerly for a new forever-home. For example, this pair of great chromed eyeball lamps, several eye-catching battery ceramic wall clocks, an orange medicine cabinet in mint condition, many Westgerman pottery vases and of course three stunning orange kitchen chairs.
If you are also fans of this 'orangement', you can just enter the search term 'orange' on, and you have all the matching treasures across all collections at your fingertips.

As for us, we certainly had a lot of fun staging these cheerful treasures for you. And maybe our (subscribers only) vacation sale helps with the adoption decision? Code XXXXXXXX gives you 10% off (also for all other colors😉) until September 17th. Until then, we're on our annual trip to France (this time we're finally going to Brittany, yeeeah!).

Enjoy the 70s & your weekend,

Katja & Dirk

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