Open for inspiration!?

amber glass tumbler and pitcher, brass ashtray, copper planter, French vintage pieces, mixed style home decor -

Open for inspiration!?

Just make it your own!

If you've been following our travel stories on Instagram, you won't be surprised to learn that not only did we bring home our camper full of great vintage finds from France, but our heads and hearts are full of wonderful pictures and inspiration. While rummaging through flea markets and searching for treasures, we found more and more pieces that don't necessarily fit into our favorite collecting area so far, the Midcentury era, but that smiled at us and invited us to grab them because of their special charm. So we were - inspired by the summery French villages, the old wine and the colors of the landscape - brave enough to try stylistically different things. Once again it shows: it's the mix that makes it! And how exciting it is to create a symbiosis of the things that mean something to you personally, that you just love to have around you and those that may have been added as a new acquisition. Life is not rigid, it is in flux. That's how our home, our center of life and retreat should be, right?
Maybe we can pass on a little inspiration to you? We would love to read in the comments what you think!

A wonderfully inspired weekend to you!  
Katja & Dirk


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