Old but sexy! Now with 20% off

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Old but sexy! Now with 20% off

Take a seat and feel at home!

Can a kitchen table be sexy? We think: yes, definitely! Ok, we are biased, admittedly. We like "old stuff" anyway. But when I look around at offered modern kitchen tables, I see either a lot of soulless "nice outside, but ugly inside" or clumsy copies of midcentury pieces.
In this case, I prefer the originals, or what do you think?
We do love those Formica surfaces that are pretty much immune to blueberry stains, hot pot bottoms, and kids' felt pen scrawls. They come in everything from small & square to rectangular & extendable. We also have a rare one with a built-in pull-out enamel bowl in our collection.
With any of these tables, you can assume that two generations have already spooned their baby porridge at them. And surely your grandchildren will be able to do the same!

All our midcentury kitchen tables are now 20% off for newsletter subscribers only!

Have a great weekend & enjoy the summer!
Katja & Dirk

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