Off into the house!

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Off into the house!

A melancholic farewell

In this 'week off' on the beautiful Danish Northern Sea coast, we have said farewell to summer finally. With the first storm yesterday, autumn has clearly arrived. How nice it was to look at all the bad weather from indoors. Light the fireplace, snuggle up on the sofa, a cup of tea in hand and just feel good....
At the same time, a quiet joy spread through me: It's that time again! Life shifts indoors (at least in our latitudes), it's time for embellishments and decoration, time for making cozy at home. Are you with me?

We have some really great vintage finds from this year staged in our collection MCM STYLE & ANTIQUE DECOR, which definitely have potential to become your next favorite decoration piece. Lovely French, German, Danish eye-candies... Just take a look!

As always, we welcome comments (below), questions and feedback!

We wish you all a cozy weekend!
Katja & Dirk

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