Now it gets colorful and shrill!

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Now it gets colorful and shrill!

The 80s and 90s are back

Colorful, loud and shrill - that's how the 1980s were in retrospect. Angular shapes, bright (primary) colors, geometric lines: the Memphis style is currently experiencing a brilliant comeback!
The Memphis design movement is one of the most unlikely success stories in the history of design. Like so many artistic movements, it all started as a valve for its creators, a design collective founded in Milan, Italy, in 1980. They were looking for a way to rebel against prevailing elitist design guidelines. The result was a revolutionary style for its time, whose rebellious spirit still serves as a source of inspiration today.
Nowadays, we perceive it as a loud, colorful style with rough edges, which quite deliberately sets itself apart from the clean, Scandinavian interior design style or the Midcentury modern design that prevailed for a long time.

We have put together for you a small, fine selection of lamps and lighting in Memphis style. Maybe your home could use a splash of color right now?

As always, we welcome comments (below), questions and feedback!

Have a bright, colorful weekend!
Katja & Dirk

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