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orange midcentury dressing table, vintage 1970s vanity -

New hot 70s stock 🔥

Orange stunner dressing table

We have some quirky 70s items for you fresh in the shop. One of them I have to introduce to you separately, though, because it's so terrific on the one hand and so rare on the market on the other.
I'm talking about the absolutely fetching orange dressing table, designed and manufactured by Bremshey, West Germany. Whoever this name sounds familiar to is not on the wrong track! Yes exactly, this company also invented and built these wonderful folding carts 'Dinett' in the original. (Who wanna learn more: There was an exciting newsletter or blog post about these colorful design icons here before!)

But back to our vanity. This super stylish yet practical small piece of furniture is a design masterpiece of its time and still a real eye-catcher and conversation starter today! The whole box can be turned in all directions, as well as the built-in round mirror. By a mechanism on the sides can also be retracted, so that the whole box can be closed when it is not in use. And so it also makes a great side table. So not only cool, but also well-thought-out midcentury design!

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