Mix it up!

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Mix it up!

Do you know this? The apartments that look really nice and cozy are the ones in which not everything is styled in a picture-perfect way. Who wants to sit down in a dignified furniture store for a cozy chat with their best friend?
For our part, we prefer to sit at a table which has a visible history, which may even combine 4 completely different chairs. This is also the case with many midcentury design pieces: To furnish the whole room with the old originals may testify to a well-filled wallet, but the real feel-good living vibes come only through the individual mix! Old with new, grandma's shelf with a contemporary rug, the brand new leather couch with a 1950s side table... You know what I mean, right?
And for that you just need little "sugar lumps", stand out pieces of furniture that are eye-catching, but fit well into the overall picture and let your very personal idea of home shine.

Feel free to look around at our collections, we have many of these special conversation-starters on offer. Just dare to simply combine them, to make them your new vintage favorite!

Have a nice cozy weekend,
Katja & Dirk

Photo: Red Black 1960s GLASS MOSAIC SIDE TABLE

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