Make two or three out of one! A course in magic with Vintarama🌟

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Make two or three out of one! A course in magic with Vintarama🌟

It's all about the nest...

The bell rings. Unexpectedly, all your friends are at the door, and you want to offer them at least a cup of tea. Not everyone can balance their teacup on their knees as elegantly as the Queen. That's why we have these: nesting tables in countless colors, materials, and designs.

Did you know that the first set tables were designed and manufactured already in the late 18th century? By the famous Thomas Sheraton, the English cabinetmaker. The first ones were made of satinwood or mahogany, later ones of papier-maché, Chinese-style lacquer and other types of finishes.

We are not surprised that these insanely practical pieces of furniture are more popular today than ever! "Make two or three out of one" is probably the perfect answer to the ever-shrinking space in today's urban apartments. Even many modernist furniture designers couldn't get past the practical nesting tables.  One such design is the Bauhaus Nesting Tables Set, also called Albers Nesting Tables after their designer Josef Albers. He designed his set of accent tables during his time as artistic director of the furniture workshop at Bauhaus Weimar in 1926-27. The mid-20th century table sets were made mainly of teak and rosewood and follow a strictly utilitarian, functional-minimalist design.
We have gathered some of these wonderfully versatile pieces for you in our "Furniture" collection.

If your life gladly brings surprises, your space at home is limited, you often like to redecorate, then these space-saving vintage beauties may be just what you need!

Have a great weekend & a pleasant start to the new year!
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