Love, lipstick and anger

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Love, lipstick and anger

Or: What we all have in common

Today, it's all about red! Yes, of course, at this time of year no wonder. At least for us here in European culture. Red is THE color for the Christmas season. It stands for love, warmth and the elemental fire par excellence. Santa also wears red, of course!🎅
Red is probably the most emotional of all colors and arouses strong feelings. Both positive and negative: excitement and passion, love and danger, but also aggression is associated with it. Ancient depictions of the devil often show a creature in red.

Did a little research and am surprised how different the meaning of the color red can be depending on the culture! For example, did you know that in some Asian cultures red is the color of the bride on her wedding day, symbolizing celebration, joy and (feminine) beauty? The cosmetic use of red tones in lipstick and nail polish to highlight health, youth, and attractiveness dates back to ancient Egypt. However, for some countries in Africa, red represents death or war. In Korea, the name of a deceased person is written in red. In China, on the other hand, red represents wealth and happiness. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, red has an aphrodisiac and stimulating effect.
In any case, one thing is certain and unites us all: the color of our blood.❤️

With the code "RED" you get 15% off on ceramics and tableware until the end of the year, of course also on other colors!😉

Dirk and I wish you a wonderful time (whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or just the end of the year with your family) with lots of love and warmth, friends and joy!

Peace, love and a big thank you,
Katja & Dirk


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