Let it become light! Even more light!

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Let it become light! Even more light!

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I just can't make it through the dark season, not without a whole lot of extra light around me. In our latitudes, the winter season (without it actually having to be winter) lasts around 5 months. And I can only get through it if I have many little suns around me.
When we are in our shop / photostudio at least one of the big photo lamps is permanently on. And when I look around here there are now honestly exactly 5 very different lamps switched on that just help me feel comfortable and cozy. Two around the desk, one Danish ceramic lamp in the window, a large 70s arc lamp and a small Christmas LED light chain.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this problem, am I!? And so we thought we'd just give you, our newsletter subscribers, an extra 20% off all of our lamps in our LAMPS & LIGHTS collection right now. Maybe you already have one or the other lamp in your sights, which can find their new forever-home with you right now? Then have fun browsing and gathering!

Have a bright and light-filled weekend!
Katja & Dirk

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