It's that time again

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It's that time again

What should I give?

There are these people. My mother, for example, is such a rare specimen: she already collects bits and bobs all year round, everywhere she passes, when she travels or strolls through a market or a new store opens in her area. Little things that make great gifts. Often, when she explores one of these finds, she already has the perfect recipient in mind. So she's definitely prepared when the gift hunting season of the year starts again!
Unfortunately, that's not the case for me. So now it's back to: what am I going to give? My personal top 1 among the decision criteria for the hard gift selection is that it should be extraordinary, beautiful AND useful at the same time. So somehow it should also be usable. How do you see that?

And so here comes our favorite gift idea, (which we also like to use ourselves, by the way): hand-carved midcentury bookends. Each piece unique, with different animal motifs from capercaillie to Bambi to various cute dogs. We curated a nice collection for you. And on top, all of our bookends are on sale with 10% off until Sunday + FREE SHIPPING, code: BOOKS. So pick out the perfect pair (either to give as gifts or for your own bookshelf) and look forward to the shining eyes when they unwrap them!

Have a great weekend, maybe again with a good book!?
Katja & Dirk

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