It's never too late...😊

ceramic wall clock, midcentury wall clock, Westgerman pottery clock -

It's never too late...😊

...for the right vintage clock!
In these challenging times, we can all need a little more splashes of color, right? For us in the upper hemisphere, winter is finally fading away. Spring is just around the corner. Outside, there are the first colored blossom dots that want to be admired. And I'm almost certain that the designers of these typical German midcentury ceramic wall clocks were also inspired by the colorful bustle of nature at the time. Hunger for color plus just "something practical for everyone's home" was the motto!

And so I couldn't resist to fill up our collection of German midcentury ceramic clocks recently with new colorful vintage beauties! 😇
By the way, they are always a perfect but affordable gift for Easter, Mother's Day or Housewarming.... There is just the right clock for every(one's) taste.

Curious about the new pieces? Then take a quick click here!

We wish you a peaceful and colorful weekend,
Katja & Dirk

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