I'll be honest with you guys

25% discount, coupon code, subscribers only -

I'll be honest with you guys

I'll be honest with you guys: We've been insanely busy this week. 🥴
For our weekly newsletter, we always try to pick a topic that might interest you and to which we can also contribute something thrilling or new at least. Of course, this process always takes time... And I'd hate to waste your time with boring stuff since you already take the time to open our newsletter. (Thanks for that by the way!! We really appreciate it!).

So we decided that we're giving just to you, our loyal subscribers, a woohoo 25% discount. Namely, on all (yes, actually all!) our wonderful plant stands & side tables of our 'PLANT STANDS & STOOLS' collection.

Please use the code [...] now, it's valid only until Sunday, May 1st!

So now there are no more excuses. Grab today that great, unique vintage roommate you've been flirting with for a long time.😄

Have fun & a wonderful weekend to you!
Katja & Dirk

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