How was your summer so far?

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How was your summer so far?

For us, the last three weeks have been just dreamy: on the road in France with our camper with roof tent. So many wonderful places, great moments, new people, extraordinarily wonderful food.... and: our first flea market visit since 1,5 years of pandemic! YEEAAAH!!! We were over the moon... Some of you may have followed our story on Instagram? (If not: here you can see the best moments in our stories.)

We would love to read your comments below!!🧡

Speaking of love: We LOVE our camper. But unfortunately, it offers far too little space for the many, many vintage treasures that France's "Brocantes" have to offer.... But we were able to capture some of them! So look forward to the upcoming new rarities, treasures and finds that we will bring here in the store in the next weeks.
And because I'm now quite happy to sleep in my beautiful bedroom again after three weeks of roof tent, I remembered how many great nightstands we actually have on offer. Just take a look for yourself! There is certainly something for every taste.

Have a relaxing weekend
Katja & Dirk


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