How did it actually begin?

How did it actually begin?

It started with a kiss

No. Not really... but this song by "Hot Chocolate" (Do you remember it?) just came into my mind while thinking about the beginning of my passion for vintage things.

I grew up in the middle of colorful vases and all kinds of fanciful ceramics. My natural environment were all those things collected by my mother. I could observe some fluctuation in this habitat when she gave away a vessel as a present, but much more exciting was when I realized a new one of these blossoms of clay migrating to our biotope. The most loved ones have accompanied me through all the years and I still keep them as my greatest treasure.

Many years later, I started strolling through flea markets together with Dirk. We discovered many more of these pottery pieces with their characteristic aesthetics, considered as 'old-fashioned' by most people but reminding me of the good old days of my childhood. So I couldn’t resist that bright orange pot shouting: “come and get me!”, the red and black volcano-born vases seeming to bubble like lava and emitting heat, the earthen brown ware that’s growing directly from the ground like a tree’s trunk, the bright green of a lush pasture on that fired clay…
So first came the midcentury vases, and then inevitably all the other vintage stuff.

Ok, long story short: finally September! I love this month with its special light and these unique colors. Wonderful flowers, branches, grasses, mosses and of course fruits. Let's celebrate autumn! Who's in?

Find VINTARAMA ceramics collection here!

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Enjoy your weekend!
Katja & Dirk

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