Here's to a great summer!

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Here's to a great summer!

Of course, the furnishing style of an era always reflects a piece of social and cultural history. Certain pieces of furniture and household items simply belong to it and reflect the spirit of the times. If times and fashion change, some of them disappear. Telephone tables, cocktail sticks or cigarette providers play at most a sentimental role in the modern household. They simply do no longer belong.
But I do miss one of these lovable contemporaries: the punch bowl! Whether on New Year's Eve (as "red wine punch") or for the "Dance into May" on April 30 - a homemade punch for your guests was simply part of good manners, and the housewife could shine with her very special recipe. Perhaps this beautiful custom of shared punch can be revived after all? How do you feel about it? Opportunities for a great summer party are certainly still to be found this year!
For this purpose, we have here a very nice Westgerman pottery punch set with 12(!) cups. So: just invite friends, prepare a delicious punch and start celebrating!

We are on treasure hunt from now till the end of July! Look forward to seeing a bunch of new vintage beauties in our next newsletter in early August. Until then:
Here's to a great summer!
Katja & Dirk


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