GIVEAWAY!! The winner takes it all

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GIVEAWAY!! The winner takes it all

Naaaa... not "all"!

It's time to say thank you. As a small "family business", you sometimes run the risk of 'stewing in your own juice' too much (as a German saying goes). Especially in times of Covid19... But the exchange outside of one's own bubble is enormously important. It takes feedback and criticism to quickly weed out not-so-good ideas. And of course praise and applause as motivation and confirmation that you are on the right track after all. VINTARAMA exists now for almost 3 years, since this spring we can also be found on Instagram. And already it's time to say thank you for (still incredible!) 2000 followers! People who are obviously interested in what our lifeblood is and how we present it. Thank you all, thank you so much!

Of course, this is definitely a reason to celebrate with you! And we're doing it with a giveaway: there are these three gorgeous Danish midcentury brass candlesticks to be won.  We thought a giveaway with only one winner would be kind of frustrating. Therefore, we decided to simply make three people happy. So there is one of each of these beautiful candlesticks to be won for three of our subscribers. How? It's easy: you're already in, because you receive (and read :) this newsletter. On Sunday, October 31st, the winners will be drawn and also informed shortly by email (no legal recourse). So you don't have to do anything else but cross your fingers excitedly!
Soon there will also be some more personal and fun facts about us, Dirk & me, on Instagram.  If you haven't joined us yet, then follow us quickly @vintarama_com!

As always, we welcome comments (below), questions and feedback!

Have a great start into the weekend & see you on Sunday!
Katja & Dirk

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