Flower power under your feet

1970 midcentury interior, DESSO rug "Allegro", flower power 1970s -

Flower power under your feet

Today again a very special find!

Honestly, I was not that excited at first, when Dirk appeared with his new midcentury find. My first thought: How the heck am I supposed to photograph that!?? In our business rooms is not too much space, so my "photo studio" is pretty small. But my standards for our product photos, on the other hand, are high...🫣
We've then brought the fab piece first in the cleaning, and I have also gained some time. But finally it had to be done and I found a way.

Full of pride, we present to you the extremely rare to find, large 1970s flower power rug by DESSO, model "Allegro". Its 2 meters (78.7") in diameter makes it a real cuddly place. Polar bear fur in front of the fireplace is out anyway, or what do you think? 😎

By the way, price includes free shipping worldwide.

Have a great Friday and a relaxing weekend,
Katja & Dirk

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