Early bird or morning grouch?

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Early bird or morning grouch?

What color to start your day with?

Some people are frightened by a strange face when they look in the bathroom mirror for the first time in the morning. At least, if they haven't already had three cups of coffee. The others can already check the weather forecast on the way to the bathroom, while they warble loudly and quickly vacuum the hallway at the same time. To which species do you belong?

Do you need something screamingly colorful in the bathroom in the morning to really wake up? Or is it more the muted colors that get you off to a good start to the day?
Whatever your heart beats for - we have the right vintage bathroom cabinet for you! Many of our midcentury beauties are true Italians from the 1960s, some even have a time stamp from that era. They are made of sturdy hard plastic and come in almost any color. Feel free to take a look around here and discover your personal splash of color (not only) for your mornings!

Have a colorful weekend,
Katja & Dirk

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