Burn, baby, burn!🔥

Hustadt Leuchten Westgermany, red metal 70s sconce, red yellow orange light -

Burn, baby, burn!🔥

Not only in the seventies disco inferno

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, I'm sure you know it too? Who does not get into a bright mood while listening The Trammps - 'Disco Inferno' !!! When Dirk brought these absolutely fabulous 70s lamps, the song popped right into my head. And into my legs, too, of course. I tell you, it's not soooo easy to take decent photos while fidgeting to the disco-beat...🫣

Either way: we are totally thrilled to be able to offer you two of these rare midcentury gems! They were designed and produced by Hustadt Leuchten, West Germany, in the 1970s. Aren't they just great! Especially in the dark, they unfold their magical luminosity. The pyramidal structure of the metal slats and the satin glass around the bulb create a truly fiery play of lighting colors. So: burn, baby, burn!

We wish you a hot weekend, maybe even with some disco dancing?😉
Katja & Dirk

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