At the top of your list, too?

At the top of your list, too?

The perfect summer gift for you (and others)

When you ask people what exactly they plan to do on their vacation, 'read a book in peace and quiet' is among the top ten on the list. Are you one of those bookworms who start their little collection of exciting reading material way before the vacation season? Welcome to the club!😁
Now it's getting really exciting: Where are your books? Are you more of a 'book pile builder'? Or do you have a classic bookshelf? Do you organize them according to themes or colors of the spines? Or do you prefer alphabetical order? However you keep track of your fav books - we have something for you, which is on the one hand very practical, but on the other hand also a gorgeous decoration. So how about some hand carved midcentury bookends?! You'll be spoiled for choice in our lovingly curated collection *bookends*. Cute puppy dogs, stylized teak sea lions, shy bambis or would you rather prefer some classic dice?
Have fun choosing!
Enjoy a relaxing weekend
Katja & Dirk    

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