A true jack of all trades👑

chest of drawers on casters, jack of all trades, versatile storage furniture -

A true jack of all trades👑

Storing, seating & sewing at once

As we are well known for, we Germans always need things to be a bit more complicated. This is also reflected by our language, again and again. Hands up, who has ever tried to learn German?🤪
The nice English term 'jack of all trades' is paraphrased in our language with 'eierlegende Wollmilchsau'. Literally translated, this would mean 'a sow that gives milk and wool as well as lays eggs'.

Well - fortunately, pictures often say more than words😉. So be sure to take a closer look at our new 'jack of all trades'! This little drawer cabinet (originally meant as a sewing box) on wheels can be used for storage, as a shelf or even as a comfortable seat for unexpected visitors. We think it's just great!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Katja + Dirk

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