A "Bright Idea" with 20% off

A "Bright Idea" with 20% off

Hi there, dear Vintaramians! 😎

Did you know, the term "bright idea" to signify a clever thought or solution originated from the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge?

  • The earliest evidence of artificial lighting can be traced to ancient Egypt around 70,000 BCE, where people used simple oil lamps. Probably first without any shade. Lampshades were initially used to prevent the flame of the lamp from flickering or blowing out due to drafts. I would assume that the safety aspect also played a role, especially since the roof and furniture were made of extremely flammable, natural materials. However, they soon became decorative items, adding style and ambiance to the room.

  • How do you choose the lamps and lights for your home? By colors or materials? By size or style? Or do you "stumble" upon your favorite piece and let your gut decide?

    Either way, we think it's a bright idea to invite you to take a look at our Lamps & Light collection. Take a look and discover your new favorite lamp for 20% off (also on already discounted items, valid until this Sunday). Just add it to your cart, enter the code BRIGHT20 at checkout, and your new vintage light will be on its way to its new home on Monday!

    Wishing you all a light-ful weekend,
    Katja & Dirk

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