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subscribers only, vacation discount -

The last weeks, actually even the last months, were quite exhausting for us. As a small treat, we decided, we have to fly to the sun for two weeks. So there will be no newsletter from us until the end of May. But there is an extra vacation discount exclusively for our newsletter subscribers: 15% off with the code ___. All orders will be shipped from the 30th of May.

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Acella, color range of the 1950s, Formica, pastel colors, Resopal -

Acella is the new wonder fabric of the time! Surely everyone has seen it. Soft, flexible and washable, it can be used to cover chairs, linen chests and photo albums. It has even been used as curtain or as wall covering, replacing the old dusty wallpaper.

We are happy to have such an exceptional sewing box in our collection. Designed by the well-known furniture manufacturer 'Ilse Möbel', it is covered with Acella. Its pattern is simply magical, isn't it?

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25% discount, coupon code, subscribers only -

I'll be honest with you guys: We've been insanely busy this week. 🥴 For our weekly newsletter, we always try to pick a topic that might interest you and to which we can also contribute something thrilling or new at least. Of course, this process always takes time... And I'd hate to waste your time with boring stuff since you already take the time to open our newsletter. (Thanks for that by the way!! We really appreciate it!). So we decided that we're giving just to you, our loyal subscribers, a woohoo 25% discount. Namely, on all (yes, actually all!) our...

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ceramic collectible, indoor planter, plantlover, WGP ceramic planter -

For me, it has to be ceramic, preferably Westgerman pottery from the midcentury era. The variety in shape and color, in decor, pattern and glaze is almost boundless. In fact, I can never get enough of them. If you feel the same way, take a look at our collection *Ceramics*. Maybe your next favorite funky ceramic roommate is already waiting there?

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So how do you identify a real Bremshey? Here are the features of an original: First, there’s a spring mechanism which holds the fold up cart together. Second: On most of the brown trays you can find their manufacturer’s brand 'Gerlinol'. Third and most characteristic feature: If you lift the closed, unfolded cart by one hand and shake it strongly, nothing on it would move, open or rattle but the spinning wheels.

Have you now become a fan of these incredibly useful and versatile midcentury design objects like us? Then pick your new vintage roommate here!

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